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Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati

About the Founder

Dr. Namin believes that having a fulfilling relationship is at the center of achieving a fulfilled life. Whether you are newlyweds aiming to create a happier and healthier relationship, a long-time couple having conflicts, or a romantically involved partner preparing to take the relationship to the next level or experiencing transitions in life, you are looking for guidance and we are the experts in relationships.

About the Center for Love & Marriage

Center for Love & Marriage believes that having a fulfilling relationship is the center of achieving a fulfilled life. According to research, having a healthy relationship results in great mental, physical, and emotional health as an individual. Studies show that loneliness is directly related to other mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and phobias. It is also highly correlated with health issues that lead to lower quality of life, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, addiction, and a myriad of other medical diagnoses.
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In our complex world of work and responsibilities, enticements, technology, and capitalism, there is much room for avoiding conflicts and denying ourselves the right to happiness because it all seems too complicated and beyond our reach. The truth is that our situations and conflict are inevitable truths. However, how we recognize and deal with our situation and conflict determines the health and longevity of our relationships.

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