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Having a healthy relationship results in great mental, physical, and emotional health as an individual—and this is backed by research! Studies show that loneliness is directly related to other mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and phobias. It is also highly correlated with health issues that lead to lower quality of life, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, addiction, and a myriad of other medical diagnoses. Center for Love & Marriage is a couples-centered counseling service designed to help couples create a better connection with each other. We provide a unique process that is personal, scientific, and research-oriented with the goal of helping you to become the master of your relationship.

Who is Dr. Namin?

Dr. Namin is an accomplished doctor of psychology, author, and speaker. She began researching the world of couples over 20 years ago. She has practiced in three different states and over 20 countries in the world. In her early practice years, she noticed that many couples are afraid to seek help because they feel they have to fix their relationship on their own, and feeling ashamed that they can’t, they conclude that there is something wrong with them, or something wrong with their partner. As a researcher, when she also sought her own relationship advice, she quickly learned in confusing times in relationships that almost all therapists, coaches, psychologists, etc., advised her to break off the relationship and not waste her time.
Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati
This is the core reason why Dr. Namin has made it her mission to help couples get at the heart of their challenges, diagnose the pain, and unite to get the help they need. In her coaching work over the past 20 years, she has empowered over 1000 couples to reach peace and relationship satisfaction as measured by the pre and post anonymous survey she incorporates into her monthly and yearly practice goals.
Because coaching and counseling are match-oriented, we do not accept all potential clients. During a one time introductory session, it is assessed whether the approach is the right fit for that client.

Who Is the Right Candidate?

It is always great when both partners realize they want growth, closer connection, and a stronger bond. When this happens, both partners regain a sense of their accountability in the relationship and get energized toward navigating their side of the challenge. This makes for a great candidate for successful outcomes!

On the other hand, sometimes, one individual in the relationship notices the need for growth and change. If this happens, don’t panic; only one out of two individuals in the relationship needs to be engaged in coaching, and the trust and intimacy in the relationship can be rebuilt. This also makes for a great candidate for successful outcomes!

However, sometimes one out of the two individuals makes counseling and coaching a must and the last resort, while the other feels forced to comply or decides they will not. In this case, please know that coaching is for your growth and serenity, and it is not to change your partner. If you seek help because you feel the need to change your partner or help them address their issues, know that you will only bring yourself more pain and trauma. This does not make for a successful process and is not the type of candidate that will be accepted.
Either way be assured that there is hope. If your partner is not on board to gain insight at this time, you can start the process for yourself. You will breathe fresh air into your relationship, and your life will start on a new path.
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Dr. Farnaz Namin-Hedayati and Assistant

How Does This Work?

The first session is always a meet and greet and an assessment session during which you will receive input regarding recommended treatment and next steps. This first session will provide a baseline for next step.
If it is decided that work will begin, based on the type of service needed, your package will be a weekly or biweekly one-hour session. Please refer to the services page for the packages that will apply to you.

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