Center for Love & Marriage


“My husband and I had gone to three other counselors before being referred to Dr. Namin and we were near divorcing. She not only helped us to compassionately air out our issues, but she also quickly helped us learn each other’s styles and we went from constant hurt, to peace and calm. We are so thankful we found her.”
Miranda and Jason S.
“I was in so much pain when I walked in through those doors to meet Dr. Namin for the first time. Her staff was so professional and welcoming and once I met her, I immediately knew she was going to be able to help me and my girlfriend. She was so knowledgeable, it was scary because it was like she had lived with me and my partner all these years. Thanks Dr. Namin. We owe you big time.”
Paul P
“All I can say is wow. I have never seen such a miracle. Dr. Namin is true Gem. I went from misery in a terrible marriage, to meeting the woman of dreams to marriage bliss. She deserves a full time talkshow program for being such a miracle worker. I was convinced I was gonna be single and lonely for the rest of my life, and boy was I wrong!”
Henry S.
“When Fernando and I met, I had gone through two heartbreaks and a horrible divorce. I didn’t want to chance another bad marriage. A friend told me about Dr. Namin’s premarital program, and I called her that same night. Fernando and I booked an appointment with her the next day and the rest is history. We have been married now for 8 years and can’t wait for more.”
Lina and Fernando H.
“Katherine and I never were the same after we had our boys. I wanted sex, she did not. She wanted help, I was sour. It was embarrassing to go out in public, because I felt like such a fraud. I was near cheating. It was just too unbearable. I finally decided it was time to figure this out. Dr. Namin was so quick and so precise to get at the root of our problems that within just a couple of visits, we were talking again and laughing. Phew! I am just so mad that I didn’t pull the trigger on this sooner.”
Randy and Katherine F.