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A Couple During Consulting

Couples Counseling Services

Counseling services are offered online and in-person in 3 convenient locations of Windermere, FL, downtown Orlando, and St. Petersburg Beach. View our available services below.

New Relationship Navigation Coaching

This service is ideal for new couples, recently married, or premarital couples who want to gain insight into their blind spots and challenges and navigate their significant other’s blind spots or challenges.

This package includes specific and hands-on tools regarding your contributions to the challenges and the solution in five initial consecutive sessions (weekly or biweekly as needed) and five follow-up sessions within one year.

Transition or Bump-in-the-Road Coaching

This program is advised if your relationship has been impacted by a transition—a new job, a move, a newborn, a parent living with you or leaving you, an adolescent or family issue, etc. In five consecutive sessions, you will acquire specific and hands-on tools about your contributions to the challenges and the solution (weekly or biweekly as needed).

High Conflict Coaching

We recommend this package if your relationship is experiencing conflict more frequently. If there has been infidelity, addiction, breach of trust, and/or other trauma, or you are in the process of separation, divorce, or have already divorced, and/or are in a custody battle.

Throughout the coaching sessions, you will receive insight regarding potential pitfalls, rebuilding trust, navigating children and family, individual feelings of loss and confusion, mental health challenges, the legal system, financial and role confusion, and custody issues.

This is a one-of-a-kind solution tailored to your specific needs. Your initial assessment session will determine the process and duration. However, a minimum commitment of five sessions is necessary to get results.