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Talking about Your Needs

We each have our own unique needs; usually comprised of our individual needs and those we hope can be met in a relationship. Being aware of your partner’s needs allows for you to tend to them and vice versa. As opposed to many individuals, whom wrestle with ideals for independence and what their expectations “can” be in a relationship, expressing your needs does not make you a needy person. In fact, making your needs known through honest and heartfelt communication is the best way for your partner to get to know you and it serves as a map for them to be aware of how to care for you. 

How to talk about your needs:

If your needs aren’t being properly met, how should you feel?

Reasons why we may find it hard to express our needs:

Having needs does not make us: needy, weak, demanding, “too much”, an inconvenience, selfish, dramatic, sensitive, or insecure; it makes us human, self-caring and self-aware. Expressing needs means you are putting your trust and faith in someone else in that they will do their best to respect and care for you. This is healing and truly what makes us grow as human beings.



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